We offer professional, individual, group and team supervision of specialists engaged in working with children at risk and their families.

We accept that social work is a combination of personal intuition and interest in the human interaction, that it is an academic discipline and continuing education, that it is based on respect for human rights and is subject to internal regulation and personal, moral responsibility, and that supervision is an established form of support for practitioners for working with people. Our team recognises that supervision is important for the practice of social work, as it aims to achieve professional and personal development that benefits clients and organisations.

We accept that social work is specific against the background of other humanitarian professions in the way of organisation, administration, scope and relations with clients. This requires a specific approach in the process of administrative and clinical supervision. Our understanding of administrative supervision is the supervision of the work of a social worker by a direct supervisor or a colleague within the organisation/ service in which they work. It is more focused on procedures, regulations and professional ethics. Clinical supervision is focused on the social worker’s relationship with the client and the development of the case. It draws attention to aspects related to experiences, constraints, resources and decisions, drawing on theories of human development and reflection in the course of the case. In both cases, the supervision plays an administrative, training and supporting role for the social worker and the client.


In providing supervision our team relies on knowledge, experience and understanding of the following basic theories and approaches:

  1. Case work
  2. The hierarchy of human needs (Maslow)
  3. Human rights
  4. Attachment theory
  5. Normative crisis theory
  6. Object relations theory
  7. The impact of trauma on a person’s life
  8. System theory of human relations
  9. Ecological model

In providing supervision, our team adopts and applies the standards of supervision of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW):

– standards related to the context of supervision

– standards related to the conduct of supervision

– standards related to ethical issues

– standards related to technology-mediated supervision



Milena Marinova



Works in a psychodynamic paradigm. She has more than 11 years of experience in the child protection system, in counselling victims of violence and working with children and families at risk. Milena has 10 years of experience working under supervision as a member of a supervision group at the Center for Psychotherapy, Psychological and Psychiatric Counseling, as well as experience working under individual psychotherapeutic supervision. Milena has specific experience as a supervisor of cases of children from residential services, educational services, social services and therapeutic practices and a consultant to practising counsellors and psychotherapists. Milena Marinova has passed specialised courses for supervisors at New Bulgarian University and the Institute for Social Activities and Practices.



Доника Ангелова

Clinical social worker


She underwent two trainings under the supervision of Prof. Gerald Schamess (Smith College School for Social Work “Northampton, MA, USA) and New Bulgarian University. She has experience in supervising teams of professionals working with families and children at risk, as well as conducting individual supervision of volunteers working with abandoned children. Donika Angelova-Popova also has several years of experience in an intervision group and experience in leading a group to support adoptive parents and co-leading a group to support foster parents.